Church Etiquette

We welcome all visitors! However, please keep in mind the following: The Divine Liturgy and other Church services form the basis of our personal relationship with God. When we enter the Church premises, we enter the earthly paradise, even though we, as weak and sinful creatures, do not always live up to our membership in God’s paradise. We strive to “lay aside all earthly cares” and give our time, our love, our respect, and our attention to the saving actions of Our Lord Jesus Christ, without Whom we are nothing and nobody.

Our dress and behavior on the Church premises and inside the Church should properly reflect respect for Our Saviour, for His ministers, and for our fellow parishioners. Rowdy behavior and sloppy and/or immodest clothing are not appropriate.

Many of you are already familiar with these standards, but we all need from time to time to be reminded of the reasons behind them. Also, newer parishioners may not be aware of some of these aspects of Church life and worship.

It is out of love for your souls and communal respect that we ask you to observe the following dress standard and the standards for Orthodox Christian behavior.