Dress Code

It is out of love for your souls and communal respect that we ask you to observe the following standards.

Dress Code for Adults and Children:
Our manner of dress on the Church premises (not only in the Church proper) should be modest – neither tightly-fitting, distracting, nor revealing. Modest dress conceals rather than reveals.

NOTE: Please remove lipstick or lip balms (such as chapstick) prior to venerating the icons, receiving Holy Communion, or asking a blessing of the priest.
We ask that you carefully keep the following in mind when you visit St Joseph Parish. We offer the following guidelines for clarification:

For all attending:

  • Sleeves should be long or covering at least the elbow.
  • Necklines should be at or above the base of the throat.
  • Remove visible body piercings (e.g., eyes, ears, nose), cover tattoos.
  • No shorts

Additionally for women:

  • Head must be covered by a scarf, veil, or hat in the church – at all times
  • Skirts or dresses only. No pants, shorts, or divided skirts. Skirt should be long enough to cover the knees when standing and sitting, and any slits in the skirt must be below the knee.

Additionally for men: no hats.